Carlos' journey started in 2013 after his father was diagnosed with cancer and it emotionally drove him to change the lifestyle he was living. His peak weight was 110kgs which categorised him as obese. He had high blood pressure, sleep apnoea and high cholesterol, all of which needed medication to stabilise him. All his diseases existed due to his sugary, high fat and takeaway diet, working long hours and smoking 30g of tobacco a week. Since then he has qualified as a Personal Trainer, run his first marathon, completed his first Ironman, run a 100km at the inaugural Taupo Ultra marathon and this year he is completing the Super 12 Ultra marathon challenge in memory of his parents. 

Training focus      

Health and wellbeing coaching 

Run coaching 

Movement practicioner 


Kaizen Advanced Health Practicioner

Run Coach

National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant) 

National Certificate in Fitness (Personal Training Business Skills)  


Ma Mua ka kite a Muri 

Ma Muri ka Ora ki Mua  

Those who lead give vision to those who follow 

Those who follow give life to those who lead


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