doTERRA Essential Oils

Unless you have been under a rock you will have noticed a cultural shift happening. We are all more aware of environmental issues - the detrimental use of chemicals and other toxins causing damage to ourselves and to the planet. These days you don't have to be a hippy to appreciate the power of nature. The properties of plants are used for all kind of purpose. To heal, to nourish, to protect to prevent, to soothe, to cleanse. Plants have serviced all of the above since time began. Our philosophy is simple - if a natural product can do the job - why choose anything else? We diffuse essential oils at our club - Peak Fitness & Health, and within our own house.

We've slowly replaced our cleaning & beauty products with oils and we've binned the artificial manmade stuff from our cupboards. We're not purists. We're just making a conscious choice to eliminate chemicals and artificial stuff from our lives where possible. It's a journey. It's one we invite you to join us on.

Take a look at the our full doTERRA site by clicking here, explore the oils and products, and contact us if you have questions.

Enjoy exploring!

Sam & Neil Wagstaff