Ready to nail a BIG scary goal?

You’ve set yourself a daunting challenge, something bigger than you have ever achieved before. Maybe it’s running your first marathon, squatting 100kg, or riding around Lake Taupo.


Whatever your goal is doesn’t really matter. Your main concern is that it’s kinda scary.

As the first seeds of doubt creep into your mind, it doesn’t help that your friends and family think you’re a bit nuts and are calling you crazy. Before you know it, you’re waking at 2am, gazing at the ceiling, questioning yourself. You end up oscillating between days of excitement and confidence, and days of doubt and despair.

Take a deep breath, it’s okay, this is completely normal.  

When that doubting voice in your head is screaming disaster and doom, seek out that quiet inner voice that set you on this path in the first place. That confident, strong-willed voice full of self-belief that knows you can reach your goal.

Sometimes it’s just a whisper but it will be there - listen closely.

Think about your motivation, what got you inspired to chase this dream? Why are you doing this? What will you achieve? What are the benefits – for your health, your mental well being, your confidence, perhaps even for your loved ones? Think really hard about this.

In those motivations you’ll find reasons to fight and overcome the fear and the doubt. It is there you’ll also find the strength you will need to plough on through the middle section of the battle, to jump over any obstacle in your path and reach the finish line and conquer that big scary goal.

There’s something magical that happens when you stand on the start line or wherever it is you take on your goal. You’ll be surprised what resources you can pull out, you will be able to do things you could never do in regular training.

You will find reserves and strength you never knew existed if you are just brave enough to start.

Stand up, feel the fear and go for it anyway. Every big achievement in life requires discipline, persistence, preparation, fortitude and flexibility.

It will be worth it. You just need to take that first step. And then the next one...